Thursday, January 20, 2011

Welcome IComLeavWe~

If you are visiting here from IComLeavWe, Welcome!. This is my first time participating and I am looking forward to it.

A bit of my story for those that might be here for the first time: DH and and I have been married for 5, going on 6 years. We knew we wanted to have a family together, but wanted to have a a bit of newlywed years together before TTC. Dh was a bit more patient than I was. I worried that the clock was tickin' and ready sooner versus later. Life threw us some curve balls (unrelated to infertility) though and it ended up being nearly three years into our marriage before we decided the time was right.
Thermometer, calendar, and OPK in hand we dived right in. We were in awe that we were pregnant on the second month of trying, only to be devastated by the news it was a blighted ovum. Tentatively but hopefully we started trying again. It look longer the second time, but we got pregnant again well within the dreaded "1 year mark". History repeated itself though as we learned it was a blighted ovum once again. A few months of physical healing and many more months for emotional healing and we decided we most certainty had to be at the end of our bad luck streak. We decided on a few IUI cycles. However, after three negative IUIs and the road seemed to come to a dead end. All of 2010 we took a break. The break was somewhat intentional and somewhat unintentional. In part, we were just plain tired and not in a financial position to move on to IVF or adoption. But in part, I truly felt like we were out of options. IVF seemed insurmountable at the time. And I still believed that, given we got pregnant twice already, maybe, just mabye if we were patient enough we could still beat the odds by TTC on our own. DH's swimmers were a bit low in count and poor morphology, "But," we kept rationalizing "we got pregnant twice already, so they we can't be THAT bad off."

Near the end of 2010 I set up an appointment with my RE just to dip the tip of my tippy toe into the conversation about moving on to IVF. That led to telling the doctor about some severe pain I had been having just recently, he did an impromptu ultra sound, and the answer was instantaneous- my ovary was encased in a very large endometrioma. Not only were we dealing with unexplained RPL, not so great swimmers, now add severe endometriosis to the mix. The RE's recommendation as to next steps? Go directly to IVF, do not pass go.

So not exactly as planned, but not much is in this difficult journey of IF- thus the title of my blog, Life in the Detours. Tuesday will be my suppression check for our first IVF cycle. Tonight is my third day so far of Lup.ron injections.

And the next chapter is unfolding...


  1. Good luck with this cycle I hope your suppression check goes well and that you will be stimming soon!

  2. you have been through so much!!! I look forward to following your journey and being here for support. :) My friend has endometriom. I always have a hard time spelling this one..but I know how painful it is because every month..she is is excrutiating pain. I feel horrible every time!

  3. Thanks for the catch up post! I hope your first ICLW is great!! It's a nice way to meet new IF folks! :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with your IVF.
    The egg collection is painful for me due to my endo as I have so many adhesions.

  5. Sounds like a long road so far, the best of luck on your IVF.

    I'm new to the ICLW as well. I'm #114 in the list.

  6. Hi there. I am here from ICLW. I am sorry to hear about your recent endo diagnosis, but I hope that you will have a healthy pregnancy in the very near future! I look forward to following your blog.

  7. Welcome to ICLW! It's my second month at it, and it's been great! Sorry to hear of your losses and all the other frustrations, but wishing you the best with your upcoming IVF!