Tuesday, January 18, 2011


tonight begins my daily injections. No stim drugs yet, just lupron. Little nervous, mostly relieved to have this show on the road. I don't mind needles, but thinking about doing a shot every day for the next many many days is a little intimidating.


  1. Take it one step at a time. I find if I look at the cycle as a whole, I get overwhelmed. It'll go nice and quick if you look at it as today's injection.

    You can do this!!!


  2. I agree with serenity... a day at a time! When I first started stim drugs, my husband was going to do it but then he fell asleep on the sofa (haha). So I gathered my nerves up and did it and actually felt very powerful doing it. Transform it into a positive moment...!

  3. You can do this! After the first day or two it will be come no big deal. good luck!