Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hubby quote of the night

"Wifey, will you still love me.....even after jabbing you with all these needles?"


  1. Haha! Good for you that you can joke about it.

  2. Hi! Stopping over here from ICLW. First of all, your blog is very appealing to the eye...the colors are beautiful! So sorry to read all that you have been through. Wishing you the best with IVF #1. My husband and I have two more months before our first IVF so if you don't mind I would like to follow your blog to learn from you. One thing I think blogging does for a lot of us infertile women is pave the way for the next steps in our infertility journeys...helps ease the pain of entering into the "unknown".
    By the way....the comment your hubby said to you is classic! :)
    ~Sara ICLW #152

  3. Aw ;) I still love my hubby after he shot me in the butt with pio for over a month.