Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby in a Box

We arrived home to our box of meds at the front door, thanks to Fed Ex. I was expecting a lot of drugs and such, but I wasn't expecting such a big box. HA!

The box took its place of honor in the middle of the living room, and husband affectionately dubbed it our "baby in a box." It all starts here on the path to baby...

DH said "someday we'll show the kid these pics and tell them that is where they came from."

We had an appointment with our RE today-to sign consent forms take blood work and ask any final questions. I've always liked my RE, but today I just loved him. He was just wonderful and just what we needed to set the mood in a positive direction. He just let us pepper him with questions. We didn't have many as we've explored this decision from every angle already, but it was good to get to just ask questions about even the smallest of concerns. And my husband!?! I could just squeeze him to pieces, and I did after the appointment. He just was so THERE with me. I shouldn't be surprised, as we have a really good thing in our marriage, but he and I spend different amounts of time and energy thinking (and reading blogs) about these types of things. I live and breathe IF and IVF through blogs, googling, talking with girlfriends (probably far too much). And while DH cares about all this, he isn't immersed in it all the time (which is probably a good thing). But he had read the 20 page packet the doctor had given us with all the nitty gritty explaining the process and had great questions. (Our RE even commented on how well prepared and relaxed we were about all of it). The doc finished with us and left the room after talking with us at length, and there wasn't a flood of emotion I felt, there wasn't any fear, it just was a peace-filled confidence in what we are doing. DH slapped his hand playfully on my knee, leaned in and said- "It's baby time, wifey"

Injection class tomorrow. Lupron injections start in a week. In 6 weeks we will know if this worked or not.


  1. I have all my fingers crossed for you!! I'm so excited.

  2. Yayy! Love the baby in a box LOL :-)

  3. I'm excited about this new beginning for you! I sure can't wait to celebrate with you when it all pays off. How wonderful to have a doctor you love and a wonderful husband by your side -- it truly makes all the difference!

    Thinking of you!!